Introduction to Circular Knitting Machine Knitting on Addi CKM


The goal of this workshop is to provide students w/ the ability to operate a circular knitting machine well enough to go home and complete projects on their own. Each student will knit and take home a double knit stocking hat made of acrylic yarn. Workshop is geared toward adults w/ little or no hand knitting experience and no circular knitting machine experience who prefer to learn by doing in a class setting instead of watching youtube videos. It is a good way to try out the Cadillac of CKM’s, the Addi Express Kingsize to see if circular machine knitting is something participants want pick up as a skill/hobby.


The class fee includes both the materials fee and the workshop fee.

$ 70

Skill Level

No prior experience required


Friday Afternoon,  hours

Morning classes start at 9 am. Afternoon classes start at 1 pm. All-day classes meet in both time slots, with an hour break for lunch.

Students to Bring

    Instructor Will Provide

    • Materials to make 1 hat
    • An Addi Circular Knitting Machine for use in class

    Instructor Bio

    Ellen German

    I am a wife and mom to 3 grown kids. After 25 years in suburbia, I moved to the Greencastle area. I brought w/ me the remnants of my daughter’s 4-H sheep project, a former 4-H project pony, a flock of backyard chickens, and a determination to relearn how to live in the country and how to use the wool those Suffolk sheep kept producing.
    I now live on 200 acres and have approximately 50 breeding sheep of various breeds including the descendants of the original Suffolks and hair sheep from my daughters project and my growing spinning flock of mixed breed fine wool sheep. I’m interested in anything related to homesteading and have a wide variety of hobbies that I am blessed to be able to spend time on, including several fiber based ones. To that end I have a weaving studio which is still a work in progress. I hope someday to be able to informally host weaving workshops for family and fiber friends and dye days for the local fiber guild. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned in my 6 years of weaving on sectional floor looms.


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