Workshop Instructor Information and Application

Workshops are held both days of the Greencastle Wool Show.  Workshops may be 1 hour to 6 hours long.  When Greencastle Wool Show selects the slate of workshops, we consider both the subject matter and the length in order to offer our attendees a diverse set of options.

Instructors are responsible for:

Protecting the workshop area and furniture from damage.

Maintaining their class within the assigned space.

Bringing all supplies and equipment required for teaching their workshops.


Workshop Proposals are accepted during defined times, announced annually, and only for the next upcoming Conference. We do not accept workshop proposals for dates that are more than a year out.

November 2023 – Greencastle Wool Show Executive Board selects slate of workshops from the proposals

December 2023 – Workshop information goes live on the Greencastle Wool Show website

January 2024 – Registration opens

March 2024 – Registration closes

April 12-13, 2024 – Greencastle Wool Show is held

Compensation and Payment

Greencastle Wool Show does not pay Instructors a fee for workshops.  You set the per student fee and the maximum number of students in your class.  The Greencastle Wool Show adds a modest amount to your per student fee, in order to cover our administrative costs and credit card processing fees. Greencastle collects the workshop registration fee during registration and passes your portion of the fee onto you, in the form of a check delivered during the event, after your classes are complete.

Greencastle Wool Show does not collect the materials fees. Instructors are responsible for collecting materials fees during the workshop.

About the Space

All classes are held in Harris Hall. This is the building to your right just after you enter the fairgrounds.

The main section of Harris Hall is an approximately 4000 square foot open space, with concrete floors.

During the Greencastle Wool Show, we will have a total of six teaching areas set up. One of those spaces is a kitchen area that includes a sink and stove, and which will be assigned to workshops that have heat and water requirements, like for dyeing. The remaining teaching areas consist of tables in a u-shape, with chairs around the perimeter, and an additional table set up for the instructor to put their samples or materials.

If a different configuration of tables, or no tables at all, are needed for your workshop, we can rearrange the space to best meet the needs of your workshop. There are no physical barriers between the different teaching spaces, but there is roughly 8-10 feet between the different areas.

All teaching areas have access to electricity.

There are restrooms in the foyer of Harris Hall.

Proposal Process

Proposals must be submitted on the form below. Please note that as part of the application, you are required to submit a headshot and 3-5 images that represent the work which will be completed in your Workshop. Greencastle Wool Show has published Media Submission Guidelines, which may help you in preparing your images for submission. If you have questions about or problems with submitting images, please complete our Contact Form and a member of the Executive Board will help you with that part of the process.

You are welcome to submit multiple proposals.  Each proposal must be submitted separately. When you submit a proposal, it is automatically emailed to members of the Greencastle Wool Show Executive Board, both as the content of an email and as a PDF attachment. You will receive a copy of that email also.

After the Greencastle Wool Show Executive Board has selected workshops, you will receive an email letting you know if your workshop was selected or not.

The miniclass proposal period ended on November 4, 2023 at 11:59 pm.