Warped: A Beginner’s Journey to Warping a Sectional Loom Successfully


Participants with little or no loom experience can participate in each part of the hands on process of warping a sectional 2 shaft floor loom. At workshop’s end, each should have a working knowledge of how to warp a sectional loom and will be armed w/ a list of online resources to aid them in their first solo warping experience.


The class fee includes both the materials fee and the workshop fee.

$ 40

Skill Level

No prior experience required


Friday Morning,  hours

Morning classes start at 9 am. Afternoon classes start at 1 pm. All-day classes meet in both time slots, with an hour break for lunch.

Students to Bring

  • Note taking materials

Instructor Will Provide

  • Loom
  • Warp

Instructor Bio

Ellen German

I am a wife and mom to 3 grown kids. After 25 years in suburbia, I moved to the Greencastle area. I brought w/ me the remnants of my daughter’s 4-H sheep project, a former 4-H project pony, a flock of backyard chickens, and a determination to relearn how to live in the country and how to use the wool those Suffolk sheep kept producing.

I’m interested in anything related to homesteading and have a wide variety of hobbies that I am blessed to be able to spend time on, including several fiber based ones. I hope someday to be able to informally host weaving workshops for family and fiber friends and dye days for the local fiber guild.  I have also immersed myself in the CKM world  since receiving my King Size Addi.  I am a shepherd w/ a huge supply of wool and a novice spinner with a growing stash of handspun yarns who wanted to learn how to knit and crochet but had little time. I had too many irons in the fire. I did, however, have time while my husband watched football or when I had short snippets of time that weren’t big enough to head to the weaving studio.

My Addi intimidated me when it first arrived. For me, the difference maker was having a friend who was an avid knitter and had experience w/ CKM knitting to help me through the early learning process. Addi was a perfect fit for me and I am excited to share my Addi addiction w/ people at the CKM workshop and my weaving passion w/ my warping class.


These pictures offer examples of the workshop content or experience.